X-Men: Days of Future Past

Rising Sun Picture's work was on the Quicksilver scene, set in the Pentagon Kitchen. The slow motion sequence is an astonishing blend of live action, computer-generated objects and extensive visual effects. RSP collaborated with VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers and Director Bryan Singer to realize the creative vision of the sequence through the production of scores of CG props, including frying pans, knives, pots of boiling soup, carrots and bullets, as well as the omnipresent cascades of water droplets. Each of these elements needed to be rendered in near microscopic detail, placed precisely within the geometry of the kitchen and choreographed to move and react realistically to lighting, other objects and characters. RSP also aided in integrating the speedy Quicksilver into the near frozen environment. That illusion was accomplished through a combination of live action, a stunt double, green screen photography, a partial CG body replacement and a shimmering “rain tunnel” that forms around Quicksilver (caused by his swift passage through the near motionless falling water). All of this had to work properly in 2D and stereo 3D.
Start Date: 
October, 2013
End Date: 
March, 2014
Asset Build Lead
Rigid Body Simulations
Asset Supervisor: Dennis Jones
Animation Director: Nick Pill
Visual Effect Supervisor: Tim Crosbie
Rising Sun Pictures
20th Century Fox