I thrive on knowledge. I love to shared and present information to others and have found some of the most rewarding roles in my careers as preparing and presenting training materieal to people. This can happen at a variety of levels. Formally where I have trained people at Mad Academy, TAFE and AFTRS. Or informally on the job where I am explaining concepts to a colleague. Or writing documentation for a software tool or script that I have created. I take pride in making sure that I understand the content to the best of my ability and try to think back to the core concepts that help me overcome the barriers of confusion. I am wanting to undertake a Certificate 4 in workplace training
  • Preparation of good quality teaching material
  • Clear delivery of teaching material using:
    • Audio Visual Media
    • Class based discussion
    • Hands on exercises
    • "Chalk and Talk"
  • Marking and Feedback