Avatar (2009)

Working as a Lighting TD at Weta Digital. Spoliers below: I worked on a number of shots in the around the Well of Souls, where Sigorney Weaver's Character Grace has been wounded and the Na'vi take her to thier sacred place the Well of Souls and perform a chanting ritual to transfer the soul of the human grace into Eywah Tree and then back into the Avatar body. The shots I worked on were: Moat chanting as a head shot Neytiri and Jake as head shots looking up from the Grace Full body shot of Grace Avatar on a bed of glowing vines starting to get covered in cilia rising up from the glowing vines Grace Human side by side with Grace Avatar with Moat doing her hand waving over them with Jake and Norm in the background Close up on the back of Grace Human's neck with the virtual queue made from cilia on the back of her neck , with creepy crawly cilia. It was pretty good fun to work on a new pipeline that had some pretty sweet features, but it was a pretty big task we has to tackle
Start Date: 
July, 2009
End Date: 
November, 2009
Lighting TD
VFX Supe: Joe Letteri
Sequence Supe: Wayne Stables
Weta Digital
LightStorm / Fox Studios