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August 23, 2015

Replacing Capacitors in a Cisco 877

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Just when you think you have reached the level of maximum geekiness, you step it up a notch.

I work making visual effects for Hollywood movies, that is pretty geeky.

I am a mature aged student studying Computer Science, reading pure math on a Sunday, that is pretty geeky.

I have participated in a Community Wireless Networking group Air-Stream in fact I designed their logo, that is pretty geeky.

As a result I happened upon having a DSL router, that is made by Cisco that brings the internet into my home.

I bought it second hand off ebay in November 2014.

Installing that and being able to navigate Cisco’s operating system IOS is a pretty high level of geeky.

But when said modem starts playing up, and switch it off and switch it off again gets too annoying.

You COULD throw is away and get a new one.

OR you could google the hell out of the issue and find out about which capacitors are worn out.

see this thread here:







So this afternoon I will head to the local Jaycar and see if I can get my hands on

6800µF 105°C 6.3V 15mm Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor for under $5 each.

Then on Wednesday night, I am going to turn up to the local hackspace after work and see if I can have a crack at soldering in the new parts.

Then I will be back to the previous glory of this





Why just have the internet when you can solder your own internet together.

Today’s life is all too prefabricated.

I got a recipe for coconut and pumpkin soup.

The recipe asked for a can of pumpkin.

I only had a pumpkin grown in the neighbour’s back yard given to us as a gift.

Needless to say I was still able to make the recipe without getting the pumpkin put into a metal can and shipped half way around the world.

Make your own pumpkin soup, make your own internet better.

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