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May 23, 2015

Steering behaviour for wander as 1d noise of angular value.

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Found a cool tute on a wander behaviour for my cat simulator–gamedev-1624

This is a classic Ordinary Differential Equation for solving 2d position and velocity.

I was thinking about this.

And it looks like a lot of steps to produce a fairly continuous angular rotation with a random nature to it.

Continuous is both its first and second derivative.

The I thought, that is exactly what Simplex Noise does, produces gradients that are continuous in the first and second derivative.

Also this system only solves the position and velocity of the avatar, from this you need to derive the transform from the position and the direction of travel.

What it doesnt give you is the angular velocity. This is required if you need to work out how much of a turn left or a turn right animation to blend in.

So I thought an alternative would be work in polar coordinates for velocity so you have an angular position and angular velocity and either a constant or varying forward position.


Anyway now I think about it is a bad idea, but it was fun while it lasted.

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