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August 22, 2009

Working Abroad

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I just realised that I havent blogged in a while.

As a kid my Dad worked aboard in Algeria in a small community of Ksar Chellala

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And while he was away the only way could communicate was via a very expensive and unreliable telephone service.

Or via audio, with a 3 week latency.

We would record our voices onto an audio cassette, put it in the snail mail and send it to Algeria.

Most of the it would get there and our father would be able to hear his three kids’ voices.

I hope that dad treasured those tapes like gold, that would have been back in 1978 and 1979. It would be interesting to listen to them in retrospect.

We made the trip over and travelled around Europe and Northern Africa.

If you wind the clock forward a generation and about 30 years.

Now Maia my daughter can communicate via audio and video with a 200 millisecond latency, I call without fail and catch up on whats happening in Anna and Maia’s daily life back home.

Because of this technology I dont really feel so isolate from my roots in Adelaide, Anna and Maia have also made the trip across the ditch at roughly the same age, not the same as Europe, but still eye opening.

They will be back in four weeks and there is no substitute for holding the one you love in your arms and looking them in the eye.

Wellington is pretty nice and the work is good.

The whole Avatar day thing yesterday was a bit of a buzz and it was good to catchup with buddies in Wellington.

I caught up with Phil B, Heidi B, David A, Caroline A, Stevil, , Ben C, James F, Chloe, Daryl M at the Tasting Rooms on Courney Place. It was like an old school reunion

I better get back to work.

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