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Injury Modules: Torson

34 individual injuries and thier treatments were animated, intially the animtions were used for the Sydney 2000, summer olympics, where they won a Macromedia Flash site of the Day and were attracting hundreds of thousands of hits per day.
Later the material was repurposed to create a content library, that could be rebadged and sold to healthportals like HEALTHSOUTH
Sam Hodge's role was to create prototypes, both 3D modelling and animation and Mutlimedia development, also to coordinate a tigh production schedule with a group of 9 developers and artists

  • Skills demonstrated
    • Team Leadership and project management
    • Multimedia development and asset management
    • Communicating with a development team in America
    • Prototyping and developement of a production process
    • 3D modelling and animation
    • development of bandwidth friendly content
  • Time Taken
    • too long
    • this project spanned 12 months from the conception of the idea of delivering to the end product delivered to the customers, but wa sonly full time for about six months of the time

Sam Hodge:, Adelaide, South Australia
Phone: (08)8346-4030 Mobile: 0417801006